Wooden bath

Wooden bath It is still a rare item in our apartments, but you should still take a closer look at it: the unique properties of wood can not only decorate the bathroom, but also give an unforgettable sensation when washing.


For creating wooden baths used only expensive and rare woods that are resistant to moisture. This is primarily cedar, teak, oak, walnut, larch, as well as mahogany and wenge. One more plus of wood of these breeds is durability. Such a bath can serve with proper care up to hundreds of years.

Grandparent wooden tubs - An ordinary trough, which was hollowed out of a tree trunk and used for washing and washing. Modern technology is very different from the old: the bowl of the bath is not hollowed out of a whole piece, but is assembled from individual elements of different shapes and sizes, fitted very tightly, thus avoiding leakage.

Thus, it becomes possible to create various forms and models. wooden bathssuitable for any interior design. At the final stage of creating a bathroom, a lacquer coating is applied on it - this improves both waterproofing and appearance.


AT wooden bathas in any other, you can embed a whirlpool system or turn it into a whirlpool. In addition, the touch on the skin of natural wood gives a special feeling, beneficial effects on the nervous system. Another plus is the phytotherapeutic effect that occurs when biologically active substances from wood are transferred to heated water. These baths are good for health and wellness - they increase immunity.


Cost of wooden tubs significantly higher than similar ones from other materials. Is it worth paying that kind of money? If you want to have an exclusive interior design, then surely it is worth it. It should be borne in mind that in itself such a bath is already a work of design art, and usually it becomes the main element of the interior.

You can support it with the help of wooden furniture when equipping the bathroom, as well as using wood imitation in other materials, for example, in ceramic floor tiles or wall panels. Wooden bath will look great in any interior styles: minimalism, classic, country or loft.

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