Scandinavian style bathroom

Scandinavian style in the bathroom - a very advantageous option. Its features allow even small rooms to be made visually spacious, bright, full of air. That is why this style is very popular in the design of small apartments and premises.

The main features of the Scandinavian-style bathroom are the use of natural materials, the predominance of white, simple geometric shapes. In general, this direction in design is characterized by maximum functionality, which is especially important for compact rooms, and in the first place - toilets.

In the Scandinavian bathroom there is nothing superfluous, each piece of furniture is used to the maximum, and is designed to take up as little space as possible, and usually also combines several functions at once.

Another feature of the style is its simplicity. It is only necessary to comply with the basic principles of interior design.

Colors. Scandinavian style in the bathroom dictates the choice of natural colors, this is especially important for large surfaces - walls, floor, ceiling. Palette: white, beige, sand, blue, gray-blue, light brown. Light tones, and especially white, will help to visually make the room more. Darker shades can be used as accent.

Furniture. Bathroom in the Scandinavian style does not like frills. It can not be forced furniture. Only the necessary minimum - but this furniture should be from real wood, better - unpainted. Separate elements made of glass or chromed metal are possible. In that case, if you can not avoid painting, furniture should choose a white color.

Shine. The Scandinavian bathroom cannot be lit only with spotlights built into the ceiling. It is necessary to use several different lighting schemes: central lamp, spot lights, directional spots, floor lamps or wall lamps. In this case, you can be sure that the room will be equally comfortable as to carry out hygienic procedures, and relax after a hard day.

The floors. In the Scandinavian style in the bathroom, there are three main types of flooring: natural wood, its imitation or self-leveling floors. You need to be especially careful with the tree: the number of rocks that are resistant to the action of water is limited, and you also need to take care not to “wet” the ceilings of your neighbors from below.

Therefore, if only you cannot get a real deck tic, it is better to stop at the floor covering with a tile imitating wood, it is also possible to use white or black tile.

If you are staying on self-leveling floors, they will look better in white or in dark brown or gray, almost black - this contrasting option will make the Scandinavian-style bathroom more bright and expressive. But in this case it is necessary to be more careful in choosing accessories, making sure that they not only combine with each other, but also organically blend into the game of contrasts.

Floor mats in such a bathroom should not occupy the entire surface. They may be small in size, matched to the tone of the floor or in contrast.

The decor. Textiles - the main decoration of the Scandinavian bathroom. This style loves natural materials, pleasant texture - flax, cotton, satin. Curtains and towels, napkins and curtains covering the open shelves - all of these fabric elements should be designed in the style-specific colors and have the appropriate patterns: stripes, “knitted” snowflakes and other characteristic Scandinavian ornaments.

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