Log house design: exterior and interior

Exterior finish From above the house is covered with metal tiles, the basement part is lined with stone. Bright red frames and the front door are a rich decorative accent, giving the exterior a unique appearance. Additional elements for the decoration were chosen by the owners themselves, whose quivering love for Russian antiquity made them take particular care with this choice.

How to make a vase with your own hands

The vessels that appeared in antiquity were previously used for practical purposes. They stored various liquids, products. Previously used household items gradually turned into an element of decor that adorns the interior of many rooms. In the design of vases, the main thing is not painting and not the material from which they are created (also an important fact), but their unique, original form.

Festive garland with their own hands

Важный атрибут праздника - его качественное украшение. Декорации выполняются в соответствии с тематикой праздника, но их вид, форма, размер зависят лишь от фантазии оформителя. Garland with their own hands for a particular celebration is made of fabric and paper, recycled materials and natural materials, food and electrical appliances.