The interior of a small bathroom 4 square. m

Interior bathroom 4 square. m. - a wonderful example of how in a small area you can fit all the necessary plumbing, and even a designer installation.

The main material used in the decoration is gray stone, from which an interesting structure is built, starting under the sink and ending at the ceiling. Lamps are built into its upper part, the lower one forms a shelf for storing necessary things. The middle part is a base for a sink, under which there is a shelf for storing towels, and below are brackets on which you can hang wet laundry.

Large forms are inappropriate in the interior of a small bathroom, so there are no usual cupboards above the sink - instead of them, shelves made of glass were fixed on a large mirror. There are the same shelves above the bowl of the bath - there you can keep cosmetics, shampoos, and balms.

The floor and one of the walls were faced with tiles imitating wood. The same tile is partially used in the decoration of another wall. Such “overflowing” of the decoration from the wall to the floor and to another wall visually enlarges the room, and separates the toilet from the bathroom.

The “wooden” finish gives comfort, softens the interior, and creates a feeling of warmth. This feeling is enhanced by the warmth emanating from the “warm floor”.

In the interior of the bathroom 4 square. m. used parts made of chromed metal - faucets, shower, heated towel rail. The shower and the faucet are spaced apart on different sides of the bathroom bowl - this is how the apartment owners wanted.

Due to the more modest size of the room, a standard bath is not suitable for it - in this case there is no space for additional storage places. Therefore, we chose an acrylic bath in the shape of a wave.

A stone countertop looks very harmonious in the interior of a small bathroom, and a shelf under it, despite its small height, allows you to store towels - either by twisting them into rollers or by folding them in rows. The lower stone shelf, half the width of the tabletop, is a good place to store a basket of dirty laundry.

For the visual expansion of the room, white tiles of a large area were used to reduce the number of tile joints. Glossy blotches in the tile give shine and slightly increase the volume of the bathroom. At the same time, they work softer than a completely glossy surface that resembles smooth ice.

Above the toilet is a niche that plays in the interior of a 4 sq. M bathroom. There is a special role: there is a designer installation, for the creation of which dry branches painted in white are used, as well as a “grass” made of artificial materials. The background for the composition is a wood imitation tile, which gives it a special mood. Green light makes the installation even more spectacular.

In the interior of a small bathroom accessories play a very important role. There are no trifles, it is worth paying attention to even the color of towels. White or juicy green is the best solution. Angular sink and toilet belong to the same collection. their design is minimalistic, which emphasizes the overall discreet style of the bathroom, not deprived of a certain luxury.

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