Turquoise color in the bathroom 4.5 square. m

The small size and complex shape of the bathroom dictated the use of white as a universal color, allowing to hide the flaws and visually enlarge the room.

But the designers went an unusual way and created a unique turquoise-colored bathroom. It was this color, its deep, rich tone that made the bathroom interesting for perception and unexpectedly cozy. In addition, this shade resembles the color of the sea, which causes pleasant associations.

The turquoise-colored bathroom has a regular size of no more than four and a half square meters. For the washing machine there is only one place - in the corner near the bath.

The zone framing the bath itself - the wall behind it and the panel covering the bath bowl in the design of the combined bathroom with a bath were highlighted with white gloss, laid out with “bricks”. Eyeliner and faucet hidden in the wall, and in general it turned out very light element of the interior, compensating for the bright turquoise.

Towel warmers tend to become a prominent decorative element in small bathroom rooms. So it is here: its vintage shape and the gloss of the chrome-plated surface are used to decorate the bathroom.

The design of the combined bathroom with a bathroom provides a small in size, but very necessary storage systems. One of them is located above the toilet and resembles a bookcase in structure, here you can put shampoos, put towels. In addition, there was a place for cabinets with two drawers.

The floor became another decorative element: it was laid out with tiles resembling a quilt. In color, it contrasts with the walls, thereby attracting attention.

There is very little space left for the sink, and for the convenience of washing the front door was pushed slightly to form a comfortable corner.

In the turquoise-colored bathroom, an overhead washbasin was installed, and a subtle mirror was hung above it with no additional decorations. The toilet was hung on the wall - this solution frees the floor, makes cleaning easier and creates a feeling of spaciousness even in small rooms.

Of great importance in the design of the combined bathroom with a bathroom has a light scheme. A room of this purpose must be well lit, and for this purpose several rows of spots have been fixed in the ceiling. This option is most convenient for creating bright uniform lighting.

Additional decor - posters on the walls. Bright inscriptions on them give the interior vividness and enthusiasm.

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