Bathroom design in white colors 10 square meters. m

Bathroom design 10 square. m. made in white color. The beginning of the day should be positive, and its ending should be calm and relaxed, and the white color as well as possible contributes to the accomplishment of these tasks in the bathroom. The interior is stylish and harmonious.

The bathroom in white colors looks even larger and more spacious due to the fact that the storage systems are arranged very carefully, and without taking up much space, they nevertheless contain everything needed. On a white background, visually expanding the room and serving as the main one, the texture of the wood in the floor covering is especially clearly drawn in the details of the furniture and serves as a decorative element.

The bathroom design is 10 square meters. accent black is also used. It is like a black dot at the end of a white sheet, completes the style composition of the room, which plays the role of a SPA center in this apartment: here you can take a break from daytime work, relax, think about plans for tomorrow. The white space in the bathroom is enough to accommodate, if necessary, a massage table, which is necessary for complete relaxation.

The pipes are hidden in a decorative box, the upper part of which has become a shelf, and candles and decorative paintings have been settled on it, enlivening the interior. Towels were found under the sinks, and shampoos, creams and other cosmetics were hidden in the closet behind the mirrored doors.

The bathroom design is 10 square meters. m. there are several lighting schemes that can be combined depending on the mood: the upper main light is complemented by lamps above the large mirror. Candles on the shelf are also one of the components of general lighting, they give the room a special comfort and warmth.

White bathroom trim is a volume tile with a unique embossed pattern. The porcelain stoneware floor enriches the interior with patterns of light wood. But in general, the bright interior serves as a worthy setting for the pearl of design - the baths from the Laufen Palomba Collection, whose elegant lines are the main decoration of this room.

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