Lighting in the bathroom

Undoubtedly, in any home a bathroom should not suffer from a lack of light. Windows are usually not there, so you should carefully consider the artificial lighting in the bathroom. And it is usually divided into three levels - upper, working and lower. The degree of illumination directly depends on the correct placement of lamps in certain areas.

Overhead lighting

In the premises of a small area to provide the upperlight in the bathroom You can use a single lamp, if the bathroom is large for uniform illumination, you should install several points of light, for example, built-in halogen lamps or construct multi-level lighting.

Work light

The visual division of the bathroom into parts is required almost always. Regardless of whether it is a small bath or a large room with a jacuzzi or podiums. Only the number of allocated zones depends on the size, and not lighting in the bathroom.

In both cases, it will be right to separate the space around the mirror with the help of the built-in lights, since the washbasin together with the mirror is the main point in the room. Mounting lights in the bathroom It is possible to conduct two types: parallel, on top of the mirror and side, giving place to the lamp on both sides.

It is necessary to ensure that the light was not directed towards the face, otherwise the eyes will be constantly blinded. Also, lamps should be installed so that they are not visible in the mirror. To scatter rays when lighting in the bathroom You can use a white or matte lampshade.

If it often turns out that even with lighting the face in the mirror is darkened, you can install additional lamps of small dimensions around the perimeter of the mirror.

Bathroom lighting

Nowadays, special baths are gaining more and more popularity, where the lights are already built in. Of course, this option bathroom lighting It will be very expensive for many.

Who can not afford to buy such a bath, you can select the bath zone with a separate point of light. For example, mount over the bathroom wall lamp with glass shade.

Next to the bathroom you can put a portable floor lamp on a high leg. Thus, during bathing the water will overflow from the rays of light.

Furniture lighting

Another interesting option bathroom lighting - This is the lighting of furniture. You can install small lamps in each drawer and cabinet. This brings a special twist to the overall interior and allows you to focus better when searching for the right thing.

Bottom lighting

You can also experiment with outdoor light in the bathroom and using different colors.

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