Bathroom interior in black and white tones of 5 square meters. m

Interior bathroom 5 square. m built on a combination of two contrasting colors - white and black. This is a classic variation that will always be relevant. This color scheme is especially suitable for small rooms, allowing them to visually expand them and make them elegant, even with limited possibilities.

In the studio Mio have developed a minimalist design for the bathroom in black and white, beating the contrasting combinations of these colors - antagonists. However, such interiors are simply doomed to success. They are quite simple to decorate, the main condition - the exact choice of additional colors.

The most important rule for creating such interiors is respect for the laws of harmony. Design decisions should be based on the size of the room and the main items in it, the correct zoning of the room also plays an important role.

The interior of the bathroom is 5 square meters. All conditions are met. Plumbing ordered in one company, which allowed to ensure stylistic unity. For the floor they chose a ceramic tile from the famous manufacturer Kerama Marazzi. Due to the fact that the height of the room is small, only 2.5 meters from the chandeliers and suspensions had to be abandoned, the main lighting is provided by built-in Italian lamps.

Bathroom in black and white is the perfect embodiment of minimalism style. Strict lines, harmonious proportions, of furniture - only the most necessary. There is nothing complicated, elaborate, all the elements are simple and “easy” visually. Managed to avoid and excessive decoration.

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