Photo of interior arches in the interior: 60 best ideas

Interior arches often take on the role of the main accent. They may be additional elements in the design, but they will certainly draw attention to themselves. The presence of arched openings adds elegance to the interior of the room, gives a special flavor.

Arch - an element that can be made in almost any style, and, therefore, suitable for any decoration of the apartment. Properly chosen arch can become the dominant of the whole space, the element around which the whole interior is assembled.

On the photo is a white interior arch, the finish is made of plaster.

For a long time, designers have designed interiors with arched structures, but recently this decision has gained particular popularity due to the proliferation of open layouts: the arch makes it possible to divide functional areas in a room's design, while at the same time providing a connection between them, which is very important when creating design studio apartments.

The design of interior arches can be very diverse depending on the style of the room, as well as the role that it plays in the room: an auxiliary or central element.

In the photo there is a doorway between the living room and the hallway, the arch is made of plastic.

Installation location

As a rule, in every apartment and even more so in every house there are doors that are functionally not needed. Such, as a rule, are the doors between the entrance and living areas, between the kitchen and dining room, kitchen and living room. By removing unnecessary partitions and doors, and building arched structures instead, you can expand the room, increase the useful area of ​​each of the functional areas, get a more interesting, original interior.

  • An interroom arch between the entrance area and the kitchen / dining area;

  • Between the kitchen and the dining room;

In the photo the interior with the semicircular walls, the zoning of the kitchen and dining room is made with the help of an arch.

  • Between the kitchen and the living room;

  • Between the bedroom and the bathroom / dressing room;

  • Between the dressing room and the entrance area.

In the photo the arch in the hallway is decorated with bricks.

Types of materials

So that the interior arches in the apartments look organically, it is necessary to select the material for them taking into account the design features of the walls. Of great importance is also the design of the arch, its size and shape. Each material provides its own capabilities, and at the same time imposes certain restrictions. Most often the following materials are used in the construction of arches:

  • drywall;
  • tree;
  • brick;
  • a rock;
  • metal profile;
  • plastic;
  • glass.


Using drywall is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to build an arch. Cut out the sheets of drywall with patterns, sew up the vault, and then trim over the top in accordance with the chosen design. Such finishing can be done with different types of plaster, wood panels, mosaic panels, decorative panels with imitation of stone, marble, wood or brick, as well as lightweight synthetic stone.

In the photo there is a drywall arch between the kitchen and the living room.


The material that for many years has been used to design interior arches, and looks great in both classic and most modern interiors. It is possible to use in premises of any purpose - in bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, libraries and even in kitchens.

In the photo the doorway is decorated with wood.


The design of decorative interior arches of brick is simple and perfectly complements styles such as loft, country, eco, Scandinavian. A brick arch can become the main decorative accent of a modern minimalist interior, while you can leave it “as is”, or you can paint it to match the walls or contrast. It will not be superfluous to treat the surface of bricks with special compounds to protect against contamination and facilitate cleaning.

In the photo, the arc-shaped doorway is decorated with white decorative bricks.

A rock

Interior arches of stone erected in the case when they want to emphasize solidity, stability. Massive and impressive, they talk about solidity and the pursuit of eternal values. By choosing the color of the stone and playing its texture, you can adapt the stone arch to almost any interior style.

In the photo the interior of the living room, arch trim is made of decorative stone.

Decor and design

As decorative elements in the design of interior arches often use various eaves and moldings, as well as stucco elements. The latter are particularly relevant in the interior in a classic style.

Interior drywall arches often have built-in lights that not only provide additional light, but also give off one or another part of an apartment or a functional area with it.

In the photo there is an arch in the corridor with built-in spotlights.

Photo gallery

With the help of interior arches you can experiment with the design of the room and design the doorway in an original way. Below are the modern interior solutions in rooms of various functional purposes.

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