Bathroom and bedroom in the same room

To combine bedroom with bathroom bold, but at the same time quite an interesting decision. Bathroom in the bedroom it is very beautiful and modern, but nobody will allow you to re-plan such a room on your own. Therefore, in order to obtain permits, you will have to contact the BTI for all the redevelopment approvals.

You will need BTI services if you decide to make an extra bathroom in a standard apartment, or you have an idea to make bathroom in the bedroom. Before agreeing, you will need to design your room, it will help you make the architectural office. Experts should prepare all the required project documentation before starting repairs.

Bathroom and bedroom should be designed in the same style, so that two different functional rooms seem to be a single whole.

Of course, bathroom in the bedroom This is always a huge risk of high humidity in the room, as well as frequent temperature changes. In such a room, it is imperative to have good ventilation so that later a fungus does not appear on the walls and furniture, and the covering of the furniture does not deteriorate.

Heated floors in a bedroom with bathroom will be the most correct decision.

What to choose a bathroom bowl or shower? The choice of plumbing is huge: a shower with a tray, a hanging shower, a jacuzzi bath, a shower with an integrated media center, an acrylic bath or even a sauna. The decision will depend on what functionality you expect from bathroom in the bedroom.

Wall decoration bathroom in the bedroom can be varied: tile, decorative plaster, special waterproof wallpaper, tile mosaic, as well as walls can be painted in various colors with moisture-resistant paint, which can later be updated and change the color palette.

Perfect combination of different materials on the walls, they can be used around the perimeter of the room to create the illusion of generality bedrooms with bathroom.

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