Provence style bathroom interior: features, photo

In the style of Provence for the bathroom are used, as a rule, natural materials. Aged surfaces are welcome, as well as cute little things and textile accessories that add comfort.

In the design of the bathroom in the style of Provence is also very important to provide high-quality lighting, as the southern France in the summer flooded with bright sunshine.


  • The walls are decorated with decorative plaster or painted. It is possible to finish the panels of wood or tile light shades.
  • The special charm is given to the bathroom by the windows, characteristic of this style. If possible, you should arrange a window in the bathroom, at least a small one. Its frame should be wooden, plastic in the interior of the bathroom in the style of Provence is not used.
  • The ceiling should be whitewashed, wooden ceiling beams or their imitation look great.
  • The floor can be wooden, stone or tiled. The tree must be processed in order to impart moisture resistance. Tile is better to choose a large size and natural colors, imitating natural materials.
  • The door to the bathroom in Provence style should be wooden, painted and aged to create the feeling that it is used by more than one generation of the family.
  • For Provence is characterized by the use of paintings - on the walls, on decorative panels, or on furniture. As a rule, these are small bouquets of Provencal flowers and herbs, or floral ornaments.


Plumbing occupies an important place in the design of the bathroom in the style of Provence. There are inappropriate right angles, the shape of the bath, sink, toilet - smooth, rounded, elegant, reminiscent of ancient products. Material for the bath can be any, but the legs are preferably either cast bronze (or bronze), or forged.

This bath looks best if it does not stand against the wall, but in the center of the room, so a small bathroom is not very suitable for this style. To make the Provence-style bathroom interior look solid and complete, the faucets and taps must also be antique, brass or copper. Underframe under the sink can be forged, the sink itself should have a rounded shape.


The following requirements are imposed on furniture:

  • furniture must be made of either wood or metal;
  • simple forms are welcomed, one should avoid pretentiousness, pompousness;
  • vintage style will be emphasized: aged chest of drawers or wardrobe;
  • special atmosphere will create a wicker lounge chair, or a chair made of wrought metal with soft cushions for sitting;
  • Provence-style bathroom furniture is decorated using decoupage technique;
  • Modern household appliances, such as boilers, must be removed in cabinets so that it does not catch the eye.


Details make the style, and the following accessories underline the atmosphere of summer sunny France most brightly:

  • Curtain Curtains and light curtains are an indispensable attribute of style. They can be completely transparent or decorated with a floral pattern in a rustic style. Embroidered or lace curtains also look good.
  • Mirrors. In the design of the bathroom in the style of Provence often used antique mirrors with mirror coating defects. They can be installed in hanging cabinets or in large wrought-iron frames. The mirror can also stand on a forged stand.
  • Shine. Suspensions, sconces should have a distinctive Provencal design. There should be a lot of them so that the bathroom is flooded with light. For larger rooms, floor lamps can also be used. This is especially important in those bathrooms where it is not possible to make a window.
  • Accessories. In the interior of the bathroom in the style of Provence it is appropriate to place small glass bottles that serve as vases for fresh flowers or dried bouquets of fragrant Provencal herbs, such as lavender. On the walls you can hang pictures, while it is important that they withstand the increased humidity characteristic of such premises.
  • Textile. In the Provencal bathroom, towels and bathrobes are not hidden in the wardrobes, but show off, and are one of the decorative elements.
  • Basket. An indispensable accessory of any bathroom - laundry basket. In this case, it must necessarily be woven, of wicker or other material, from the inside it can be sheathed with a simple chintz fabric with a small floral pattern.

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