Bathroom interior design in gold color

Gold from antiquity to the present day remains a symbol of success, a measure of wealth, a benchmark of luxury. A bathroom in gold color can be decorated in a classic style, art deco, or even in a modern style - in any case, you get a luxurious and memorable interior. Exquisite "gold" parts and accessories add elegance and status to the room.

Psychological influence

Gold is associated with power, fame, recognition, wisdom, so staying in a golden bathroom will be very pleasant and comfortable for the psyche of any person. The glitter of gold resembles the radiance of the sun, and therefore this metal, as well as its color, is associated with heat, energy and might.

Features of design

The design of the bathroom in gold color has its own rules, which should be followed in order for the interior to turn out balanced, without any frills, and at the same time truly spectacular.

  • Making the bathroom in gold color makes sense only when the room is of considerable size. Otherwise, gold will not have a chance to reveal itself in all its brilliance.
  • Decoration of the room should be sustained in bright colors.
  • Avoid frills, otherwise the interior can get tasteless, lurid.
  • Lighting is of particular importance: it should be enough, the light will play on the surfaces of accessories, filling the room with golden highlights.
  • Observe the unity of style decisions, gold is very demanding on style.

The golden bathroom is very demanding on trifles, since its interior must be placed to luxurious luxury. So both the background finish and the individual accessories must be carefully selected in accordance with the chosen style.


The bath itself can be golden, but this color will look advantageous only in a large room. If the bathroom is standard, then it is better to choose a white bath and add it with a “golden” mixer.


The easiest way to design a bathroom in gold color is to use tiles for decoration “under gold”. She can lay out one of the walls, or use as a curb. The strips from the “golden” tile on a light background, as well as the mosaic “golden” tile look very impressive. You can lay out ornaments from it, decorate a “wet” zone or a zone near the washstand.


As additions, gilded frames for mirrors, “gold-plated” mixers, holders for brushes, glasses, furniture and door handles are used.


  • The most advantageous color combinations gold forms with warm, light pastel tones. They absorb the golden highlights, and reflect them, filling the interior with warmth and light.
  • A golden bathroom can be added with deep tones, such as black coffee or chocolate - this shade is appropriate for flooring.
  • Terracotta shades look good in combination with gold.
  • White and black are two opposite colors that blend equally well with gold. But if the first option is suitable for any premises, and is fairly democratic, then the black-gold pair is quite pretentious, and requires considerable spaces for its presentation.
  • In a room decorated with gold, accessories of violet, turquoise, emerald shades, as well as the color of ripe cherry are appropriate.

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