Original design bath 7 square. meters

Taking as a basis the bathroom in an ordinary apartment of a typical project, the designers turned it into an original and even somewhat outrageous room, as the customers wanted.

Unusual bathroom design managed to create due to the fact that the area of ​​the premises increased: they expanded it by using part of the corridor and joining the bathroom. Initially, its area was only 4.8 square meters. meters Design bath 7 square. mThe airs that came out after redevelopment became largely experimental. The owners, an active young family, wanted the bathroom to match their lifestyle and have a flashy, extraordinary style.

Stretch ceiling rich burgundy color plays unusual bathroom design special role: it gives the room additional volume. White drywall framing the burgundy glossy ceiling surface underlines this value.

AT bath design 7 square. m saturated and bright tones in unusual combinations are used. The tile imitating the texture of the floorboard is painted in all the colors of the rainbow.

Unusual bathroom design underlines the huge “portrait” of the iguana, occupying almost the entire wall. Similar techniques are commonly used in underground projects. Use in bath design 7 square. m different finishing textures are also characteristic of such stylistics.

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