Swedish style in the interior of the apartment 49 square meters

Alas, the planned construction does not provide for non-standard planning, so that such decisions in new buildings - a rarity. However, the Swedish style in the interior can be created in a limited area. It is also encouraging that apartments with large kitchens, corridors, or a completely free layout began to come across in the houses of the latest series. This opens up great opportunities for designers.

Huge windows have no curtains - it allows you to literally catch every ray of the sun, every portion of daylight. Visually, this reception also makes the room more spacious. Swedish style in the interior allows you to do without curtains, but you can resort to this solution only if outsiders cannot look into your windows. This is usually the prerogative of high-floor occupants.

The Scandinavian interior of the apartment in Gothenburg turned out to be expressive largely due to non-standard planning, because the house where it is located was built a long time ago. Huge windows, a fireplace with a chimney, stucco on the ceiling - all this is very decorated room.

The kitchen area is almost equal to twenty meters, so that without any difficulty there was a place for all the necessary functional areas. The kitchen itself is located here, where you can cook with comfort, dining, where it is nice to have lunch and dinner, and a sitting area with a fireplace.

Swedish style in the interior is usually created using elements of wildlife. Here the full-wall apron is painted with floral motifs that echo these plants in the recreation area, on the balcony and in the garden. The apron has a deep white niche in which the sink is built. Above the sink - open shelves for storing dishes. Brightness in the interior adds an orange upholstered sofa in the living area.

Scandinavian interiors of apartments as the main suggest the use of white color on the ceiling and on the walls. The remaining colors are optional and, as a rule, are designed in a green-blue gamut. Accents can be orange, yellow.

When choosing furniture, try to use the most open, for example, instead of closed shelves - open shelving, a wardrobe without doors in the sleeping area, weightless thin shelves in the living room area, lightweight designs for shoes in the entrance area. Do not buy too much, unnecessary. The less furniture you have, the easier it is to breathe in the house.

Small cozy open balcony with a dining group for two people.


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