How to choose a wallpaper for the toilet: 60 modern photos and design ideas

To move away from the usual way of finishing and make the design of the bathroom interesting help wallpaper in the toilet. With the right choice, the coating will last for many years and will delight with its appearance. Wallpapers are able to finish in any style, taking into account the features of the layout, and with the help of a pattern or a pattern you can make a small room more spacious.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper for the toilet should be considered separately, since the conditions of the room are different from the usual and have more requirements for the material.

Aesthetic appearanceLimited material selection
Large variety of colorsShort lifespan (compared to tiles)
Low cost finish compared to tileHigh risk of mold and mildew
With the help of the picture you can visually increase the area of ​​the room
The work of finishing and dismantling is much easier.

In the photo on the left there is a toilet with 3D decoration in tropical style. The room seems more voluminous due to unusual lighting.

On the photo design of the toilet in black and white. Finishing is made wallpaper with a large pattern.

What wallpapers are best for the toilet?

Liquid wallpaper

Coverage will be a good choice for finishing the toilet. The material in its original form is a powder that is diluted in the required amount of liquid and applied to the wall according to the principle of plaster.

In the conditions of the toilet room, this nuance is convenient because there are no seams on the walls and those places that are not easily accessible for pasting with roll coverings can be carefully trimmed with liquid wallpaper. The surface fixed by a varnish will serve longer and will have water-repellent properties.

Wall mural

Spectacular, but not the most practical way to finish. Wall mural can make the interior much more interesting, while more spacious due to the optical illusion. Small toilet rooms can be decorated with images from the perspective; this technique will visually move the wall away. For example, the wall behind the toilet is decorated with wallpaper with a picture receding into the distance, and the side walls are decorated with a plain coating. For greater reliability, you can use lacquered photo wallpaper, they are covered with a protective water-repellent layer.

In the photo on the left, the compact toilet room is decorated with photo wallpaper and expands the space due to the perspective image.


Option with a completely natural composition, made from different parts of the stem of bamboo. The coating has a limited color palette, from sand to wenge. For a small toilet room it is not the best option, since visually it will hide a lot of space with its texture. But the material is well tolerated by high humidity and just take care of it.

Glass fiber

One of the most durable types of finishing material. Glass fiber has a natural composition, breathe, the most resistant to mechanical damage and high humidity. The coating has several standard textured patterns, as well as can be made according to an individual sketch. The coating is suitable for painting and has a long service life.


Like bamboo wallpaper, natural material. The coating can be uniform and with multi-colored inclusions. The palette is no different variety, but allows you to choose a shade to place any area. For the toilet, it is worth using cork wallpaper with a wax coating, it protects against the absorption of odors, prolongs the service life and allows for wet cleaning.


The most impractical type of wallpaper, although it is considered the most budget, while it has a lot of colors. Paper does not tolerate changes in temperature and humidity, as well as have a short service life. Toilet is better to use laminated paper wallpaper, they have a water-repellent layer, which is so needed.


Practical and beautiful option. Vinyl wallpapers are produced in different variations, by embossing or with foamed top layer. The latter option is not suitable for finishing the toilet, but on the contrary silk-screen printing will be a good choice. The surface may wash, will not respond to temperature changes and high humidity.

In the photo on the left, the interior of the toilet is decorated with vinyl wallpaper; silk-screen printing in pink.

On the photo to the left is a toilet with golden wallpaper trim. High mirror increases space due to reflective properties.

Ceramic wallpaper

Not the most popular because of its novelty, but very practical material. Combines the quality of tiles and wallpaper fabrics. Present in the composition of the ceramic particles make the surface durable and waterproof. At the same time, there is a huge selection of colors and textures.

Interesting design ideas

Under the tile

An interesting way to decorate walls. Wallpaper with imitation tiles "win" in price and space in the work. The picture can be under the old cracked tile or with a beautiful and unusual stylized pattern. This method of finishing allows you to quickly finish the decoration in an unusual style and just as quickly, if you wish, change it.

Under the brick

Decorating walls with wallpaper simulating a brick saves much space, time and money than a natural material. With “brick” walls you get a beautiful design in the style of a loft or Provence. The interior will complement the stylized plumbing and decor items.

With flowers

Flowers will decorate almost any style and may look completely different. For example, wallpaper with large flowers on the back wall can be combined with monochromatic coatings or a small floral pattern will decorate the room around the perimeter.

Geometric drawings

For a small toilet it is better to use wallpaper with small geometric patterns, such as a small cell. They will not clearly be evident and hide space. The same remains valid proven reception with horizontal and vertical stripes, which, depending on the direction of "stretched" or "lengthen" the wall.

Options for combining wallpaper in the interior of the toilet

By colors

The combination of several colors will look advantageous and will allow you to adjust the perception of space. A darker shade will “pull” the wall. For a small toilet it is better to use a combination of a light palette. It is also possible to combine monochromatic and multi-colored coatings, with a pattern or a 3D image.

Tile combination

Combining with the tile will be convenient in the toilet with sink. It protects places of the most frequent contact with water and other objects. The combination can be made in different variations, for example, in a horizontal way, tiling the lower half of the toilet room, and the upper part with wallpaper or decorating one area, and all other space with wallpaper.

The photo on the left is a toilet with a different type of finish. Used a combination of wallpaper with a large floral pattern and tile.

Combination with painted walls

The combination with coloring is not just beautiful, but also convenient. The wall covered with paint will be more protected from moisture and fungus, as well as the prostate in the care. Thus, the combination is better to perform on the horizontal method, the lower part of the toilet paint, the upper wallpaper. The place of separation of materials can be decorated with wall moldings.

In the photo: The interior of the toilet in a classic style. Finishing combines for a way: wallpaper and painting.

Color solutions


Bold color is more suitable as an additional, for example, for partial decoration of the walls or as a pattern on the wallpaper. It will look spectacular finish with abundant use of black, but it is likely that such an interior quickly get bored.


White tone is beautiful in solitary performance and in company with other colors. The main advantage of white color is an increase in visual space, a great way for a small room. Finishing can be combined with other, more bright colors. For example, the wall for the tank to draw a white wallpaper with a pattern, and the rest are plain structural.


Gray is multifaceted, it can start from a light shade of white and end with a graphite tone. The decoration with photo wallpapers, combination with other shades and different textures will look impressive.


Calm classic shade is a good choice for both large rooms and compact toilets. It will look good finish beige wallpaper with a noticeable texture, beautiful monophonic or color pattern. Beige is suitable for classic and modern design.


A pleasant green tint combined with white and beige color, the interior will be calm and not defiant. Another option for finishing can be walls pasted over with wallpaper with green vegetation or a beautiful landscape.

Wallpaper in a small toilet

In standard city apartments and Khrushchev toilets have a small area. Using some techniques will help to increase the space, while not spending large sums.

  • For finishing it is worth using wallpaper of light shades,
  • Visually increase the space will help wallpaper with a perspective image,
  • The geometric pattern in the form of horizontal and vertical stripes will detail the wall above or wider,
  • Using wallpaper with a pattern it is better to choose a small pattern,
  • Best of all visually increases the space white and blue color.
  • The LED strip along the ceiling will help to make the toilet higher.

In the photo on the left is a modern-style toilet. The finish is made with a gray scale using photo wallpaper. Despite the dark shade, the room seems more spacious due to the image on the wall.

Features wallpapering

Before you start directly sticking wallpaper you need to prepare for this room, namely to complete all repairs, hide the pipes and preferably for the time of sticking to remove the plumbing, including sink, bidet and toilet, as it will impede the process.

  • Before you glue the wallpaper in the toilet it is necessary to prepare the walls, namely to align them and prime. This procedure is especially important for a toilet with a sink.
  • Work is performed on the dry surface of the walls,
  • For finishing it is worth choosing moisture-proof washing wallpapers,
  • A niche can be trimmed with another type of wallpaper or decorated with its doors,
  • For wallpapering it is worth using glue for heavy materials.
  • For greater reliability, the wall behind the sink can be closed with a protective clear glass,
  • Before using self-adhesive wallpaper, it is necessary to maximally clean and level the wall.

Photo gallery

Finishing the toilet wallpaper is not the most familiar way. However, this does not mean that it can not be practical. Properly selected material will last for many years and will please the eye. And if you want to change the situation will not have any problems, since the dismantling of wallpaper is much simpler tiles. Wallpapers are presented in a huge selection that allows you to perform repairs in any style.

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