Stretch ceiling in the bathroom: the pros and cons, types, 55 photos in the interior

Stretch ceiling - the most practical solution for finishing the bathroom. The advantage of stretch ceilings in a large selection of colors, design and texture that will create an interior in any style, satisfying the highest demands of demanding customers and unusual ideas of designers.

In the photo two-level stretch ceiling. The first level is made in khaki color, and the second level of white matte color has a complex shape with a circle cut out, inside of which the first level of khaki color is visible. A bath zone is highlighted, and a shower and a sink with a mirror are marked with an arc-shaped line. Arc repeated built spotlights. In the center of the circle on the ceiling of the first level above the bathroom is fixed a chandelier in the shape of a ball.

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom: the pros and cons

Like any finishing material, the stretch fabric for a bathroom has its pros and cons:

  1. The stretch ceiling is practical because it is moisture resistant and meets the requirements of antiseptics, it does not grow mold and fungus, does not form condensate and does not accumulate dust, does not have combustible properties, paints do not wash off and do not fade.
  2. Decorative presentable appearance of the canvas is easy to maintain. It does not require complex care when it grows dull; it is enough to wipe it with a dry cloth, sprinkling with window cleaner.
  3. In case of a leak in the bathroom from above, installed by a harpoon method and equipped with a stopper, the stretch ceiling will not lose its appearance. Opening the cork, the master will drain the water if the leakage is small. But there is nothing to worry about, even in the case of a serious accident. The canvas will hold up to 100 liters of water per 1 square meter. In this case, the craftsmen partially dismantle the ceiling, download the water, dry the surface, and mount it into place without visible changes in the surface.
  4. The service life of suspended ceilings is 10 years, but in reality they will last much longer if mechanical damage is not applied.
  5. Stretch ceiling in the bathroom will get rid of painting and whitewashing for many years.

Minus tension ceilings - the smell that will erode from about 2 to 5 days.

Shtapikovaya installation system costs up to 30% less than the harpoon. But it is less reliable in operation. In the case of flooding the bathroom will have to replace the blade.

The photo has a glossy white ceiling, along which rows of mounted spotlights are arranged in rows and a chandelier displaced to the left from the center with a rectangular lampshade overlapping with the rectangular shape of the bath above which it is located. Glare on the ceiling and its whiteness give the interior an extraordinary lightness and a sense of purity and light.

Types of stretch ceilings

There is a wide variety of choice of types of stretch ceilings for the bathroom, according to the number of levels they are divided into:

  • single level
  • two-level
  • multilevel.

Multi-level stretch ceilings in the bathroom allow you to create a complex play of light, due to the installation of lamps on surfaces of different height, the game of volumes and shapes, which greatly expands the design possibilities.

The photo shows a two-level stretch ceiling, made in the shape of a scarlet-colored rectangle in the center, recessed in relation to a wide white border around the perimeter. The rectangle of the first level with a glossy surface is highlighted on both sides by halogen lamps. The white matte border of the second level is illuminated with wall lights. The red ceiling and the red carpet on the bathroom floor became visual accents and support the choice of color for the ceiling.

The texture of the canvas for suspended ceilings is divided into:
  • Glossy. Best suited for the bathroom, visually increase the space of a small room, due to the reflection of light, objects and water. In addition, the mirror effect of gloss is stylistically combined with ceramic tiles, faience, plumbing and the shiny surface of mixers.
  • Matte. Suitable for solving direct planes in a classic interior, resembles a plastered surface.
  • Satin. Suitable for a bathroom, reminds the ceiling covered with water-based paint, the texture is smooth to the touch, has a slight shine, which creates a special comfort.

The photo has a satin white ceiling with built-in rectangular spotlights. The blue and white vertical stripes on the walls in the bathroom are softly reflected on the ceiling, giving a variety of shades to white.

Stretch ceilings with a pattern (photo printing)

Stretch ceilings with photo printing allow you to create exclusive bathroom interiors and bring to life the most unexpected fantasies. Modern printing allows not only to choose a patterned pattern, but also to put your own picture or photo on the PVC canvas.

The color of the stretch ceiling in the bathroom

The color range of stretch ceilings offers an endless selection, with a wide variety of shades of warm and cool colors. The design solution depends on the room, dark shades optically reduce the space, and light ones on the contrary increase.

The photo shows a glossy stretch ceiling of bright red color, of a tomato hue, with halogen lamps mounted around the perimeter, giving the impression of depth and complexity, due to the saturation of the light and reflection on the ceiling surface. The selected color is combined with stripes of red tiles on the walls in the bathroom and a cherry organza curtain.

The choice of shades of white is huge from dairy, pearl and ivory to ashen and the color of unbleached flax. The choice of color and shade of the stretch ceiling will be dictated by the choice of tile, stone, wood and faience, as well as the lighting to be installed in the bathroom.

The photo has a glossy white ceiling with two rows of built-in round spotlights.

Lighting suspended ceilings in the bathroom

Considering that the humidity in the bathroom is high, choosing a lamp, you must take into account its protection from dust and moisture. Luminaire safety is marked with an IP code. The second digit indicates the security level; the higher it is, the closer to the water source it can be placed. The comfort in the bathroom and how clearly the reflection in the mirror can be seen depends on the brightness of the lighting.

The photo shows a satin ceiling in a cool shade of white, in the center of which is a ball-shaped chandelier with a black wire shade twisted into a spiral. The light in the bathroom is gently reflected, which creates comfort and balances the active mosaic on the wall with an angular bright pattern in a yellow-brown strip.

The design of the room will prompt the choice of fixtures. These can be ceiling lamps, in which standard and energy-saving incandescent lamps are used. Often used halogen spotlights. They are usually inexpensive and compact, but do not install more than 35 watts.

LED luminaires use bathrooms to play around shapes and surfaces. When installing multi-level ceilings, LED lamps can highlight or delimit the space, separate one plane from another.

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