Wallpaper for the bathroom: the pros and cons, types, design, 70 photos in the interior

In the bathroom there is a special microclimate, which differs from other rooms in high humidity, frequent temperature changes and the lack of access to daylight. Therefore, for finishing the bathroom more often choose a tile finish, but with the right choice, the wallpaper for the bathroom will make the room cozy and stylish.

The photo has a bathroom with dark walls. White ceiling, light tile, glass and mirrors soften the luxury of black wallpaper with an embossed pattern.

Advantages and disadvantages of decorating the walls with bathroom wallpaper


  • a large selection of patterns, colors and textures from manufacturers;
  • originality of finishing, the possibility of combining with other materials;
  • Wallpaper can be pasted over the walls on their own without the involvement of specialists;
  • profitability (when buying materials, you can reduce the number of purchased tiles);
  • easy to change when changing the style of the bathroom;
  • easy disassembly, unlike tile;
  • possibility to choose special wallpaper that is resistant to moisture.

In the photo, pastel wallpapers with bright patterns are combined with decorative bricks and set the mood in a white bathroom.

The disadvantages of finishing the bathroom wallpaper with the wrong selection:

  • high hygroscopicity (vapor absorption and bloating);
  • poor ventilation can cause mold;
  • usual glue for wall-paper after wetting quickly loses the properties, does not protect from a fungus.

In the photo, a classic-style bathroom is covered with wallpaper with an ornament. This design is possible with good ventilation.

What wallpaper can glue in the bathroom?

Moisture-proof wallpaper for the bathroom should correspond to the most important indicator to which attention should be paid, it is low hygroscopicity (the ability of the material not to absorb moisture). Moisture resistant can be considered as those on which the manufacturer gives one of the markings with the image of waves from one to three, where the more waves, the higher the moisture resistance.

Washable bathroom wallpaper is one of the economical wall decoration options. They are protected by an external special layer, which prevents the penetration of moisture into the other layers. They do not swell or exfoliate, resistant to changes in humidity, washing with a damp sponge and removing dirt from the surface.

Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom are applied as plaster, based on fibers, fabrics, glitter and adhesive mixture. Since the liquid wallpaper base water, then after hardening on the wall they need to be covered with acrylic varnish (this will save the wallpaper and give protection from moisture). They are interesting by the variety of the final result and the ability to mix different textures. The result will be unique.

Vinyl wallpaper for the bathroom is a common type when choosing materials for finishing. The top layer consists of a polymer that protects from steam, temperature changes, deep layers, and also withstands contact with water, which does not affect the service life and decorative features.

Their minus ⎯ high cost, which is justified by the expected quality. When using special glue, you can increase the level of fixation. For the bathroom it is better to choose vinyl on a non-woven base, which have an additional opaque layer.

Self-adhesive wallpapers for the bathroom are made of a film that repels water and does not absorb moisture. They already have a layer of glue applied, so an additional purchase of adhesive mixture is not needed.

On the photo wall trim self-adhesive wallpaper under the texture of natural stone. They consist of a film and are not afraid of moisture, which is important for the bathroom.

Glass fiber is made of fiberglass and impregnated with starch agent. Do not absorb moisture, durable, environmentally friendly, you can repaint up to 25 times with latex paint, which is a special advantage.

Wall mural will decorate the bathroom wall, provided that they are not located near the shower room and are made of durable material (they should not be afraid of moisture). It is best to choose a water story: river, aquarium, beach, ships, sea bottom).

In the photo, the sink is protected by a glossy monochromatic mosaic, and the free wall imitates tree trunks. The photo wallpaper can be varied, as long as it is combined with the bathroom concept.

Select the color of the wallpaper

The use of wallpaper in a damp room always involves a combination with plaster or tile, so it is important to correctly combine these types of finishes in color and texture.

  • Wallpapers in the bathroom design should be combined with the overall style, from the color palette you should pay attention to shades of blue and green, which create the effect of purity.
  • In small bathrooms it is better to abandon the deep shades of red, blue and black.
  • Beige and skin tones are suitable for a classic style, white glass wall paper is suitable for high-tech, for Provence with a small floral print or vertical stripes.
  • For rooms of medium and large sizes, yellow and orange colors are suitable for adding energy and light (in a small bathroom you can limit yourself to bright objects against the background of pastel walls).

3D or wallpaper should occupy the entire wall, they should not interfere with shelves, pipes and other equipment. If the dimensions do not allow, then let it be a small picture or panel canvas of two parts.

Where can I glue wallpaper?

You can glue the walls at the sink, washing machine, toilet and walls inaccessible for splashes. The wall at the bathroom or shower is better tiled with antifungal glue or putty. If there are free remnants of material, they can diversify plain wallpaper by inserting them into the frame.

The photo shows an example of a successful and correct combination of two types of finishes in color and texture: vinyl wallpaper at the sink and tiles in the shower and toilet.

The photo has a black and white design, dominated by white. Tile protects the bathroom and shower, and around the perimeter of the wallpaper pasted with a pattern of realistic size.

Photo examples of decorating the bathroom wallpaper

Below are the photos of the bathroom finishing with wallpaper of different styles, options for combining them with the design concept and functionality of the room.

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