Modern style bathroom interior: 60 best photos and design ideas

Bathroom design in modern style is one of the most popular trends in interior design, it combines all relevant ideas about beauty, practicality and comfort.

It is not always easy to understand the variety of finishing materials, types of sanitary equipment and make the right choice. If you are going to make repairs in the sanitary room, first of all you need to be well aware of the means by which you can achieve the desired result.

The bathroom often has high humidity, and the walls and floor can be exposed to direct water. Since hot water is used, the room must withstand not only high humidity, but also high temperature and steam exposure. Accordingly, choosing finishing materials or furniture, you must bear this in mind.

In addition, a modern bathroom is often used as a laundry room - if space permits. Here they install washing and drying machines, as well as provide a place to store laundry for washing. Household chemicals are usually stored in the bathroom as well, because plumbing often has to be washed here. Based on the purpose of the premises, choose the equipment for it.

Modern finishing materials for the bathroom

In order for a modern-style bathroom design to be practical, it is necessary to choose such materials for decoration that will withstand high humidity at elevated temperatures, will be slightly dirty and easy to wash, and will also retain their attractive appearance for a long time. Consider the materials that are most often used in the decoration of bathrooms.

  • Paint. The most budget option. No restrictions on color. The surface can be both matte and glossy, there is also the possibility of textured color, giving volume.
  • Wallpaper. Modern moisture-proof wallpaper - inexpensive, but short-lived. It will be necessary to frequently update the appearance of the room.
  • Plastic panels. Mounted on the crate, so that between the wall and the panels remains a gap. The interior can imitate any material - natural stone, marble, tile, while costing much cheaper.
  • Ceramic tile. The most traditional material. The main disadvantage is the high cost of facing work. In terms of durability and resistance to difficult operating conditions - one of the best options. Dirt does not “stick” to the smooth surface of the tile, it is easy to clean and can be used for decades.
  • Porcelain stoneware. The pros and cons are the same as for ceramic tiles. As a rule, it is used in eco-oriented interiors, as it has a natural origin and a specific appearance.
  • Natural materials. Marble, wood, natural stone - all these materials can be used in bathrooms after appropriate treatment, facilitating their subsequent care. They are expensive, and are used in exclusive interiors.

  • Paint. The traditional way to finish the ceiling - coloring in the selected tone. The main plus is the budget, the main disadvantage is the impossibility of embedding ceiling lights.
  • Drywall In the bathroom, you can use drywall, but it must be moisture resistant. This solution is suitable for large bathrooms, especially in older homes, where you can hide communications behind drywall constructions.
  • Tile. Sometimes the ceiling is covered with tiles, for example, mirror. Such a solution gives the opportunity to visually “lift” the ceilings. Mirrors in wet areas tend to sweat, which reduces their attractiveness.
  • False ceiling. The ceiling of plastic panels - the most popular solution. It will serve for a long time, while not losing its attractive appearance. It is easy to build in spotlights in such a ceiling, under it you can hide wiring or pipes. Installation of such ceilings is not particularly difficult. On the ceiling of a modern-style bathroom, a false ceiling made of stained glass will look great - the lights arranged behind it will increase the illumination, and a stained-glass window will make the room exclusive.
  • Stretch ceiling. Recently, quite a popular option. An absolute plus is a huge variety of design solutions that allow you to drastically change the perception of a bathroom. Another positive quality - resistance to "leakage."

  • Tile. Ceramic tiles are the optimal solution for flooring in a modern bathroom. Among the diversity of its types it is easy to choose the one that is right for you. In terms of price-quality ratio is also the best option.
  • Porcelain stoneware. This material has gained strong popularity due to its natural stone texture and exceptional performance properties - it is durable, durable and also completely non-slip, which is extremely important for those rooms where the floor can be wet.
  • Bulk floor. Floors of this type can turn a bathroom into a forest thicket by a stream or the seashore, the obtained effect looks very realistic, there is a complete sense of presence.
  • Tree. Before using the tree as a floor covering, it must be processed to withstand high humidity, or use special species, such as aspen, larch, teak. All this greatly increases the cost of both material and work.

Bathroom design in modern style

The design of the bathroom in a modern style depends on the size of the room. In large bathrooms, you can select separate areas - “wet”, washbasin, toilet, wash area. Usually, zones of various purposes are separated from each other by partitions, either capital or glass, and visual zoning with the help of finishing materials is also used.

A small area of ​​the bathroom should not be an obstacle to ensure modern comfort. In this case, the bath is replaced with a shower cabin, which allows to save space and even place the laundry room, which otherwise would not be possible.

The style of the bathroom interior can be any, it does not need to repeat the style of other rooms of the apartment. The main thing that styles are logically combined with each other. The most suitable, especially for small in size bathrooms, is considered the style of minimalism, as well as Scandinavian minimalism. These styles allow at the minimum of expressive means to get the most functional space that has a modern and concise design.

Recently, eco-style is especially popular. The use of natural materials or their artificial imitations in combination with simple forms is the main trend of recent years.

The preferred colors for modern bathroom design are natural. As the main ones are used: blue, blue, beige, brown, green or white. They should not be dark, so as not to reduce the illumination of the room and not visually “compress” it.

Equipment and bathroom equipment for the bathroom

When equipping the bathroom in a modern style try to use items that combine several functions. For example, a bath is combined with a shower, which saves space and increases comfort.

The sink is often combined with a washing machine, removing the latter under the countertop - thereby freeing up the area of ​​the bathroom.

A successful solution is a vertical arrangement of equipment, for example, a washer and dryer put one above the other, which again saves space. They try to hide the technique in the interior, while bathing textiles and accessories, on the contrary, are left visible and used as decorative elements for the design of the room.

Plumbing shapes and colors are selected based on the chosen design style. If there is an opportunity, plumbing do hinged, fixing on the wall - it visually facilitates the interior and simplifies cleaning.

If the dimensions of the room allow, you can use unconventional design solutions - this can increase the comfort of using the bathroom and add exclusivity to the interior. For example, a free-standing bath, especially from natural materials, will immediately emphasize the solidity and wealth of its owner.

Contemporary style bathroom lighting

The interiors of bathrooms in modern style are very demanding of lighting. As a rule, there are several light scenarios that are used in various situations. In addition to the general light, for which, as a rule, point ceiling lights are responsible, the bathrooms use illuminated mirrors, separately hanging sconces, suspensions in wash zones, as well as false windows.

A very interesting solution to the issue of increasing illumination is replacing the standard door leaf with frosted glass. Another option is to lay out part of the wall of glass blocks. This will not only increase the illumination of the room, but also give the interior individuality.

Photos of the design of bathrooms in modern style

Below are the various options for the design of bathrooms in a modern style, photos with explanations.

Photo 1. Replacing the bath with a modern shower, the designers made room for the washing machine. Cabin glass doors do not "eat up" space.

Photo 2. Wooden wall decoration, design of ceilings and "apron" bathroom creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. Natural wood in the interior can be replaced by an imitation of moisture-resistant materials.

Photo 3. A window in the bathroom is a luxurious design detail that increases comfort and adds a “zest” to the interior. You can also use false windows or even paintings of windows.

Photo 4. In the bathroom interior, the laundry room is highlighted in a separate area. To save space, washing and drying machines are put on each other.

Photo 5. In the design of the bathroom, the glass door allows daylight into the room and makes it visually more spacious.

Photo 6. In the modern interior of the bathroom a washing machine has found its place under the countertop, which is embedded in the sink. There are also shelves for towels.

Photo 7. Natural stone trim allows you to turn a standard design into a real work of art.

Photo 8. Thanks to modern corner plumbing in a small area, fit not only a toilet with a sink, but also a shower. A frosted glass door adds light to the room and makes it visually more spacious.

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