Features of bathroom design in red and white

The design of a red-white bathroom will help to wake up in the morning, will give positive emotions after a busy day of work. Red will invigorate, and white will not allow it to act too strongly on consciousness, and will prevent over-stimulation of the nervous system.

To make the bathroom look harmonious, you must follow the rules for the use of color in the interior. The combination of red and white is quite demanding, so it is important exactly how you will apply it to the decoration of the room.

Options for using red and white in the bathroom

  • Red on a white background. The bathroom in red-white color looks spectacular if white is used as a background and the details are red on it. They emphasize the design elements, and create a joyful mood. In such a bathroom should be good lighting so that the interior is revealed in all its brilliance.
  • White on a red background. The design of a red-white bathroom can be basically red. For example, walls are laid out with red-tiled tiles, and the room looks much more effective if tiles of different shades are used. The combination of light and dark red tones allows you to select individual fragments of the walls, create a sense of volume and even correct the visual imperfections of the room, “lifting” the ceiling or “moving apart” the walls. In this case, white serves as an accent color and is used only in detail.
  • Red furniture. The use of red in the furniture in combination with snow-white fixtures gives the bathroom lightness, emphasizes cleanliness and looks quite impressive. The bathroom looks more advantageous if the red color has additional shades and is sufficiently saturated, for example, it may be the color of cherry. A graceful addition will serve the details and accessories of a silvery shade.
  • Red plumbing. Non-standard option - the use of plumbing equipment in red, and it can be not only the toilet, but also a sink, and a bath, and even a shower. In this case, the furniture should be white, the walls - white, or neutral tone. The design of a red-white bathroom will look original and attractive only if all its elements belong to the same style. Of course, colored sanitary devices are expensive, but the result is impressive.
  • Red accessories. In the event that white is chosen as the main color for the bathroom, the interior can be decorated with red accents. Shower curtains, rugs near the bathroom and toilet, towels and bathrobes, cups for toothbrushes - all this can be a variety of shades of red.
  • Red floor One of the most effective ways to decorate the bathroom in red and white is to lay out a mosaic on the floor in red tones. It is also possible to use red tiles as a floor covering, which can pass over to the walls.

Using a combination of red and white makes it possible to create a unique, expressive interior, stylish and modern.

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