Bathroom interior project 5 square. m. from the studio EEDS

The main feature of the bathroom interior is 5 square meters. m. steel materials that were used in its decoration. For the flooring, we chose a teak deck board, which is used for rooms with high humidity (due to the high content of rubber in the wood tree, it has hydrophobic properties), has durability and resistance to mechanical stress.

The warm tones of the wooden floor are perfectly combined with the cool light gray shades of wall tiles that imitate marble. Atlas Concorde large-format ceramic tiles are in themselves very decorative, and create the effect of visually increasing the volume of a room. In the interior of the bathroom there is nothing superfluous, so in a relatively small area it turned out to accommodate a full-sized bath and shower.


All pieces of furniture are made to order from the array of teak. Instead of the usual screen covering the space under the bathroom, an open shelving appeared in the interior. He, like the floor covering, is made of teak. In addition, under the sink is a small storage system with drawers.


The right angles of the bathtub, the shower stall and the furniture make up an expressive contrast with the rounded sink, which looks like a huge pebble covered with sea waves. This washbasin, manufactured by Villeroy & Boch, in English, is called pure stone.


Uniform lighting in the bathroom is provided by luminaires built into the ceiling. In addition, the designers complemented the interior with a lamp-suspension near the mirror.

Watch the video: Simple Studio Unit Makeover. SMDC 21 sqm unit. Scandinavian Inspired. by Elle Uy (September 2019).

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