Country Style Bathroom: Features, Photos

Country - interior style, increasingly gaining popularity. Simplicity, naturalness, tradition - the basis on which the principles of constructing a country interior rely.

Summer holidays in a grandmother's house in the village, closeness to nature, a carpet carpet knitted from patches on the floor ... All these lovely memories will help revive the country-style bathroom, which does not require serious investments, but for a long time will bring joy and warmth to the hearth.

Finishing materials

A country-style bathroom is designed exclusively with natural materials, or their good imitations. Avoid plastic elements, glass, discard artificial flooring, do not use stretch ceilings.

If you want to use tile for the decoration of walls and floor, it should not have a modern pattern and bright colors, it is best if the tile is simple, neutral shades found in nature.

Wood is often used in country-style bathroom designs. It can be used to finish the ceiling, floor or walls. If the ceiling height allows, you can stretch wooden beams through it, this option is especially suitable for rooms in the style of French country.

For the floor tile ideal of stone, natural or artificial. She can also finish the walls. Brick, plaster, deliberately uneven, slabs, imitating stonework - these are the ideal finishing materials for walls.

Also admissible are wallpapers with a “chintz” pattern - small flowers or bouquets on a calm pastel background, or panels covered with cloth.


Bath, sink, bidet, toilet should be classic, best of all - oval. No right angles, be sure to have a side. The more traditional the form, the better. The bowl of a bathroom can stand apart, on beautiful legs, cast from cast iron. In addition to enameled, this style also recognizes a bath of stone and wood - this is the most expensive, but also the most effective option.

Choose faucets from copper or brass, and their shape should be traditional, and even better - with a hint of antiquity. If possible, fix the shower on the wall permanently, through a rigid pipe - this design is more consistent with the style than the watering can on a flexible hose.


The country-style bathroom can be decorated with new furniture that matches the style. Well, if it has simple facades, wooden or imitating wood. But the best option would be to use old furniture - chairs, dressers, cabinets, which can be restored and made to live a new life. Such an interior will be much more lively and original than the one in which modern furniture from MDF is used.

You can also combine these two solutions: for example, decorate a room with new furniture, and add one or two vintage items.

In the design of a country-style bathroom, multifunctionality of furniture is allowed, but preference is given to simple, unambiguous objects: the closet should look like a cupboard, a chair like a chair. Gloss and gloss unwanted effects, but worn, scratched or even chipped things, on the contrary, will look in its place.

Furniture may also have elements of weaving and forging. Forged legs of tables and chairs, shelf brackets fit perfectly in style. Seats in chairs and a laundry basket can be woven.

Textiles and accessories

In the design of the bathroom in the style of country using natural, lightweight fabrics such as chintz, satin, linen, calico. If there is a window, the curtains should be short, have an assembly or ruffles. Color preferred light, pastel, with a bright floral pattern or a simple ornament - cell, stripe, peas. Towels can be linen or waffle or decorated with hand embroidery.

A special place in the bathroom in the style of country occupy handmade rugs, knitted of shreds or scraps of fabrics. They can be round, rectangular, triangular or in the form of small “tracks”. At the ends of such tracks, brushes are usually made from threads.

Instead of modern mirrors, it is better to use an old, large size, and decorate it in a wooden frame. If the old mirror could not be found, you can “age out” and new. Hanging in the manner of a painting, it will transform the room, and add to it the mysterious atmosphere of a village house.

Country - the perfect style for creative natures. It does not matter a strict order, it maintains a large number of accessories. A country-style bathroom is always comfort, the warmth of a home and sweet memories.

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