Bathroom design in white: features, photo

White bathroom - traditional, you can even say - a classic solution, which, nevertheless, never loses its popularity. The reason is simple: white is the color of purity. It visually enlarges even a small space, but a large area of ​​bathrooms is a rarity, especially in apartment buildings.

Finally, white is perfectly combined with all other colors, giving the opportunity to change the interior to taste and mood at any time by simply changing the decorative elements and accessories.

Psychological impact

Spiritual and physical cleanliness - such associations give rise to a bathroom in white. Psychologically, the white color is neutral, it does not cause aggression or tension, but rather the opposite - it helps to calm down, get rid of problems. White also contributes to the stability of the psyche, and gives a sense of freedom.

One caveat: a pure white space, devoid of color, may be associated with hospital sterility, and produce a negative impression. Therefore, in the design of a white bathroom, you must use color accessories and accessories.


The use of white as the main color when finishing bathrooms gives the following advantages:

  • Filling with light. The room will be bright, even if it does not have windows that provide natural light.
  • Visual expansion of space. Even a small room will look more spacious than it really is.
  • The ability to quickly update the interior. The white bathroom allows you to experiment with the interior: it is enough to change the color of towels, bathrobes and shower curtains to change its perception.


White as the main color provides tremendous opportunities for design experiments. For example, you can change the color of the ceiling, thereby completely changing the feeling of being in the room. Thus, in order to change the interior, it does not require large expenditures, it can be done quite budgetably.

You should not use too many different colors, one or two will suffice. A larger number will add excessive diversity, and visually reduce the size of the room. Color accents should not be much, and they should be thought out.


In the design of a white bathroom, you can use any colors and shades. The choice is determined only by your personal preferences. Soft beige or bright blue will look equally well paired with white, but at the same time create a different mood. However, there are combinations that can make the interior memorable and original.

  • Beige

Adding beige to white allows you to expand the bathroom and make it visually lighter and more spacious.

  • The black

A pair of black and white - an undeniable classic. Interior using these two colors will always look stylish. Sometimes they add gray, which softens the sharp contrast and gives warmth.

  • Red

Bright and temperamental, this color will add a bathroom in white tones of fire and passion. It can be used in various ways, for example, laying out a “wet zone” with red tiles, placing red sanitary ware against white walls, furniture with red facades, or adding red accents using bath towels and small accessories.

  • Orange

This is a very joyful color, psychologically it adds vitality, energizes, adds strength and improves mood. Bright orange elements in the interior of the bathroom in white color will help to wake up in the morning, and in the evening to reset negative emotions and recharge with positive.

  • Yellow

Bright or faded, whitened, yellow color will add sunlight and summer mood. The combination of yellow and white colors positively affect the human psyche, helps to cope with stressful situations.

  • Blue and green

Blue, blue and green are almost perfect partners for white. Such color combinations are most often used in the design of a white bathroom in a marine theme. Blue sea, blue sky, green grass - these natural tones provide a relaxed atmosphere for relaxation.

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