Design lilac bathrooms: features, photos

Making a bathroom in lilac tones immediately indicates that its owner is an artistic and sophisticated, creative person. Psychologists believe that those who choose this color, easily attached to people or even to things, and it is difficult to part with them.

For many nations of the world, this is the color of communication with otherworldly forces; Hindus endow with purple the highest chakra that connects a person with God. In any case, the design of a lilac bathroom can be exquisite, romantic, gentle, and create an atmosphere of mystery that is conducive to dreams.

Decorators know that there are a lot of shades of lilac, at the same time they can relate to both warm and cold colors. This means that for almost every person you can create a suitable interior based on this color.

Another big plus is the light shades of lilac give the room airiness and increase in volume, even if only visually.

A bathroom in lilac tones may please or may disappoint, if you forget about the sense of proportion in its design.


The best companion for lilac is white. This pair is suitable for almost all styles, from minimalism to classic and Provence. Gray and black are also well combined with lilac.

In the design of the lilac bathroom pink and red can give spectacular combinations, but here it is necessary to carefully select the shades to get the desired result. In addition, they should not be too much.

Plumbing and furniture

For the bathroom in lilac tones, you can pick up the plumbing to match the tone, but plain white will look great. Against the background of lilac walls, it will stand out and attract attention, so there is an opportunity to play with an unusual shape.

You can go "from the opposite" - on the background of white walls to place lilac furniture or plumbing, which will look refined and elegant.


Lilac bathroom design make accessories. These can be textiles, such as bathrobes on hooks or towels, glasses for toothbrushes or wall holders, and even bouquets of dry lavender or live violets.

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