Brown bathroom design

When choosing the primary color for the design of the bathroom, the designer decided to abandon the cool white tones, and chose shades of autumn as the dominant. Warm autumn colors of the beige-brown bathroom will help you relax after a hard day’s work, feel the tenderness and tranquility of the color solution, and love the colors of the golden pores of the year.

Three basic tones of the tile were used for decoration: light beige on the walls, a little darker on the floor, and a light coffee shade for the tile above the bath. All three colors are logically derived from one another, complementing and supporting each other.

The main decoration of the beige-brown bathroom is a niche above the bathroom, in which you can put cosmetics or put a towel. These niches are lined with small mosaic tiles of golden color, and, illuminated by additional lighting, they emit a soft glow, so much like the warm light of the autumn sun.

Such a solution can be recommended to anyone who wants to avoid banality in the design of a bathroom and add romantic notes to everyday life.

The wall near the sink is lined with small mosaics.

Watch the video: Brown and cream bathroom designs (September 2019).

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