Luxurious baroque bathroom

The apartment for which this luxurious bathroom was created is located in the historical center of Moscow, in a house built in the Baroque style, which means - lush, elaborate.

It is in this style that all the rooms of the apartment are maintained, not excluding the room for bathing. Its huge square by modern standards allowed to equip a truly luxurious room in which you can not only relax and take a bath, but also lie down near the fireplace on an elegant ottoman, mark it, meditate in silence by a live fire. This room, as well as the entire apartment as a whole, according to the designers' idea, should serve as a resting place from the bustle of the huge city.


The luxurious bathroom was once decorated with stucco moldings made in baroque style. It was reconstructed, stucco elements were also added to the ceiling and painted with a special coloring composition that repels moisture.

Heated floor, which looks like an old parquet, is actually made of ceramic granite. Not only warm floors, but also convectors near the window, heat the room; the heated towel rail also acts as a battery.

The standard window was changed to stained glass to increase visibility and let as much air and light as possible into the room. In winter, when it is snowing outside, it is so nice to lie in a warm foam bath and enjoy the contrast of sensations!


Lighting plays a huge role in the perception of the interior. For a chic, baroque-style bathroom, the designers chose an appropriate chandelier, complementing it with two large floor lamps on both sides of the window opening and candlesticks on the mantelpiece, designed in the same style. There was a place for modern lighting along the ledge, equipped with a control panel: you can not only run different light scenarios from it, but also play music.


The light, pastel colors that set the tone in modern interiors, in this case, could be safely abandoned - a huge and luxurious bathroom made it possible to use rich, bright colors. The contrast of smoky dark blue walls and white plumbing, black and gold elements of the decor exactly match the style and create a high mood.

The design of the door was unusually decided: for it was chosen not a white, but a calm beige tint, in tune with the ceramic granite floor. This was done intentionally so that it would not attract attention, which in this room should rightfully belong to more interesting elements of the interior - a velvet ottoman, a fireplace, a chandelier.


When making a luxurious bathroom special attention was paid to furniture. On the one hand, style obliges, and on the other hand, today dictates its own rules, therefore, the furniture was not modern, but modern. It is light, stylish, and at the same time surprisingly harmoniously blending into the interior “with history”.

The chests are custom-made, and the fancy-shaped ottoman couch is covered with delicate velvet to match the walls, the touch of which is so pleasant to the skin.


The main decorative element of a luxurious bathroom is a fireplace. Since the house is old, the fireplace was already there, it remained only to choose a suitable portal from marble. Candlesticks that adorn a mantel are products of modern craftsmen, but their outlines are harmoniously combined with the baroque decoration lines of the fireplace and walls.

The mirror above the fireplace has impressive dimensions corresponding to the size of the room. It is framed by a white and gold baroque frame. Another active element of the decor - standing on one of the dressers portrait of a “stranger” in the mask. This is a symbol that everyone can read as he wants.

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