Blue bathroom design

The bathroom in blue is one of the most traditional, and at the same time, modern solutions. Blue is the color of freshness and coolness, and it goes well with a room designed for purity. Blue color invigorates, energizes. It is associated with water - rivers, lakes, sea, which is why it is so naturally perceived in the bathroom.

Psychologists advise to use the blue color in the interior design in those cases when you need to calm down and gain confidence in yourself.

Do not worry that the blue bathroom goes out of fashion - this is a classic decision, always relevant. Bathroom in blue colors can be light or dark, bright or pastel - it all depends on your preferences.

In small rooms, it is preferable to choose light, light, whitened blue shades; in large bathrooms, you can opt for thicker, darker tones.

When creating a blue bathroom design, keep in mind that very light blue shades are a universal solution that allows for a large variety of color combinations. Whatever tones you choose as additional, the interior will look interesting and dynamic, while maintaining a feeling of freshness and coolness, and visually the bathroom will seem larger.

Bath in blue can be arranged in various ways. For example, the walls and the floor are laid out with plain blue tiles, while the ceiling and plumbing are pure white. Very simple and effective solution!

Blue combines well with turquoise, recalling the sea breeze and summer vacation. Bathrooms in these two colors are often found in marine-style interiors.

The bathroom in blue tones can be complemented with dark brown, various shades of chocolate, as well as light beige, cream, sand - in this combination the interior evokes memories of the beach heated by the sun.

Such combinations look very harmonious, but we must not forget that each color has a lot of shades that affect its perception. Therefore, be sure to appreciate the combination of tones, putting finishing materials in different colors nearby. It is better to consider them with the lighting that is planned in your bathroom.

The design of the blue bathroom can be made in any style from classic to loft and minimalist. First of all, this is the sea and the Mediterranean, for which the theme of the sea and the beach is most relevant.

Chrome parts on a blue background look very attractive, and emphasize the dynamism of any style.

The bathroom in blue color, complemented by accessories in the color of gold or dark copper, looks very interesting. This finishing option is suitable for a classic style or art deco.

Blue color, evoking memories of summer holidays, is the best way to design a bathroom. But it is necessary to take into account such a moment: it is considered a “cold” color, and can cause a feeling of coolness, which is hardly appropriate in a bathroom, where you have to undress.

To prevent this from happening, let the sun in your bathroom in blue colors - arrange a bright light of the appropriate light temperature. The darker the blue in the interior - the brighter your “sun” should be.

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