Loft style in the bathroom

Initially, the word “loft” meant the attic, so that all the characteristics of the attic can be used in any combination. A loft-style bathroom must have at least a few elements in the interior that match the style. This brickwork, beams on the ceiling, plexus communications and pipes.


Loft in the bathroom involves the use of industrial motifs: coarse materials, not plastered, without finishing the walls, perhaps even bare concrete surfaces. If they are - fine. No - it is necessary to create them, and here it is permissible to use imitations: artificial brick for masonry, specially aged plaster, even wallpaper “like an old brick”.

Loft-style in the bathroom will favor the slightly rusted pipes, the floor of concrete or boards, almost untouched by the treatment. The “old” ceramic tile will also work. Special “trick” style - ceilings. There simply must be beams, and if they are not, they must be done! False beams look no worse than the real ones, and make style!

On the ceiling of a loft-style bathroom, not only can, but must also pass pipes with utilities, wires to luminaires can be “confused” there.

Here there is a place for quite modern materials: tiles made of steel and mirrors, ultra-modern sanitary ware and constructions fit perfectly into the loft design and act as friendly neighbors of rusty pipes and concrete surfaces.


Loft-style in the bathroom can be created in different colors, but there are most preferred:

  • gray and its tones, from almost white to almost black;
  • white and shades with the addition of gray, beige, olive;
  • intense red and blue (in combination with black), the aging effect is obligatory;
  • brown in dark shades;
  • steel and silver (pipes, pipelines).


Loft in the bathroom can be enhanced and decorated with unusual for the interior details, such as wall graffiti, road signs or building signs. Even the details of some large mechanisms, such as gears or springs, are suitable as decoration. Successfully fit into the atmosphere of the loft posters of the industrial era, abstract compositions.


Partitions in the loft-style bathroom are not allowed, it must be fully open, and this rule also applies to the bath itself. In order not to splash water on the premises, blinds are allowed, but extremely transparent.

At the same time, the room can and should be zoned, but such zoning should be extremely visual: the loft-style in the bathroom is underlined by antique tiles around the bath itself, combined with the exposed brickwork in the area near the washbasin.


Furniture, in addition to fulfilling its primary role, storing necessary things, can also play the role of partitions for zoning space.

Loft in the bathroom allows the use of absolutely any kind of furniture, but it is advisable to pay attention primarily to the retro design, and especially to real curiosities, for example, “grandmother's” bedside tables and small dressers. They are perfectly combined with glass and chrome parts: shelves, suspensions, holders.

Watch the video: Bathroom In a Loft Style (September 2019).

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