Brown in the bathroom

Bathroom in shades of brown can be a decoration of your apartment, look stylish and modern. Most importantly, this color will make the bath cozy and warm. The rich in shades of brown is perfectly combined with the traditional for bathrooms, white, beige, as well as with green, sand, gray and other natural tones.

What are the advantages of a brown bathroom?

  • Brown promotes relaxation, gives a feeling of warmth and peace.
  • Brown, like some other shades of natural wood, gives the interior an “expensive” look.
  • From the brown tones can not be tired, they are neutral in effect on the nervous system. Such a bathroom will never get bored.

The brown bathroom has its drawbacks:

  • Too dark brown tones make room gloomy
  • The predominance of dark brown shades (dark chocolate, mocha) visually reduces space.

Combinations with other colors in the bathrooms are brown.

White. Brown with white is a classic combination of milk and bitter chocolate. Looks elegant, solemnly.Bathroom in brown color with the addition of white, it looks very tasty and elegant. This combination is suitable for both classic design and eco-style.

Coffee with milk.Brown bathroom with the addition of such a shade it will be cozy, warm, will give a relaxed, light mood.

Light beige. The combination of brown and beige of various tones will calm and relax, while the interior will be restrained and modest.

Bitter chocolate. Dark, with a barely noticeable pattern or divorce. It goes well with beige, olive, peach, milky shades. The latter is most preferred. bathroom in shades of brown, made in these two colors, will look very impressive.

Tree. All shades of wood are used in the interiors of almost all styles, and are particularly relevant in today's popular styles of eco and Scandinavian.

Wenge. Very interesting color combining dark brown with lighter veins of a slightly reddish hue. It goes well with beige, light brown, milky shades.


The most popular material for finishing walls in bathrooms is ceramic tile. For registration brown bathroom You can choose as a monochromatic brown tile, and tile "under the stone", "under the tree."

Tiles "under the tree" looks great in eco style, in the city loft, and even in the classic interior. The interior of the room with such a decoration acquires a special warmth.

Ceramic tile, imitating natural stone, looks very noble, and creates in the bathroom a “cold”, restrained atmosphere, which also fits well with eco and ethno-style.

Bathroom in shades of brown It looks very stylish if monochromatic tile alternates with contrasting color, decor or mosaic.


In the bathrooms stretch ceilings are well established. Drawing on them can be any, including imitating the texture of wood. But in any case, it is better to choose a light shade so that the room does not seem low.


Gender can be a neutral background for designer experiments, in which case it is made monotonous. But you can turn it into an independent art object, for example, by laying out brown and white tiles in a checkerboard pattern, or by assembling a complex pattern from tiles of different shades of brown. The floor imitating wood or stone also looks impressive.


White furniture - the traditional solution for bathrooms. If at the same time to make the floor and lining of the bathtub is a deep brown color, the furniture will look elegant and elegant.

Another option is wooden furniture, and bathroom trim tiles "under the tree."

Glass or even mirrored furniture, shelves and cabinets are ideal for a tile that imitates natural stone.

It is well combined with stone and chrome-plated metal, which is particularly appropriate in a modern loft style or minimalism.

Brown bathroom does not impose any restrictions on accessories: they can be of almost any color. Blue towel, pink robe, greens in a white flower pot, an amber lamp - it all depends on your taste and imagination.

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