Turquoise bathroom

Turquoise bathroom - not only a reminder of the sea, summer and fresh breeze, but also the opportunity to recharge your positive mood. Even strict adherents of the classics gladly agree to violate canons, and agree to the proposals of designers turquoise bathroom.

Turquoise is known for a long time for its healing properties. In ancient Egypt, turquoise was considered a sacred stone, and magical properties were attributed to it. Color therapists say that turquoise improves immunity, relaxes, and gives peace. Psychologists believe that this color helps a person to show individuality. The turquoise room may be too bold, but turquoise bathroom - quite justified, because here we relax, taking a bath and dreaming of the turquoise of ocean waves.

Turquoise bathroom suitable for those who want to arrange it in a nautical style. You can combine turquoise as a base with various colors, including blue, sand, various shades of green, yellow and orange. The classic combination is with white. Pink color reduces the effects of turquoise, so they should not be used together.

AT turquoise bathroom red and dark brown color accents will look good - for example, a rug near the bathroom or a towel on a hanger. Accessories - towel warmers, toilet roll holders and others - can be either silver or gold plated.

Glass “bricks”, which designers often use to create “glowing” walls or other interior elements, may contain decorative elements of a “marine” theme - seashells, pebbles, dried sea stars. The use of such “bricks” in the design turquoise color bathroom can be considered a good solution.

Watch the video: Bathroom Makeover- Red animal print- to Tranquil white & turquoise. (September 2019).

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