Marine style in the design of the bathroom

Navy style bathroom will bring into your apartment that note of relaxation and peace, which is so lacking in the bustle of the city. The interior of this bathroom uses natural colors - the sea, the sun, sand, water, old wood, salted with salty waves. The color accents can be shades of red and orange - lifebuoy or boat vest.

Nautical style bathroom combines elegance with simplicity. It is not pretentious, saturated with fine details, it has a lot of space and light. The background for playing shades of aqua may be white or gently blue, depending on preference. Those who love sandy or pebble beaches will choose beige or gray shades as a base.

In creating the interior bathroom in nautical style simple tricks will help:

  • A picture or print with the image of the sea, beach, ship, dolphins or seagulls above the waves will add sea romance to the setting.

  • Unable to create nautical style bathroom without the use of shades of "sea wave". This may be, for example, textiles: curtains, terry towels or bathrobes in shades from pale blue to deep blue. It is even better to use different shades of green and blue in the decoration of the walls and ceiling, creating the effect of waves shimmering in the sun.

  • Romance in nautical bathroom add a mirror decorated with artificial pearls, pebbles, small shells, pieces of wood or twine.

  • The floor can imitate sand or pebbles. If you make heated floors, the similarity with the beach will be more complete. Dark green fluffy rug will remind dry algae, cast ashore.

  • Shelf bathroom in nautical style will decorate the bottle with sand, vases with shells, shells of marine mollusks.

  • Additionally, the bathroom will be decorated with curtains or bath curtains with images on the marine theme, towels and other accessories with a marine pattern.

  • Assembled during the holidays, shells, pebbles, starfish and other elements of the marine theme are excellent raw materials for handicrafts that will additionally decorate nautical bathroom. They can arrange the panels, soap dishes, bowls, towel holders, hangers for bathrobes and even lamps.

  • Also, marine paraphernalia can be purchased at souvenir shops or home hypermarkets, such as IKEA or Yuterra.

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