Floor covering materials in the bathroom

The bathroom zone in each house is subject to the influence of an aggressive environment, there is almost always high humidity and temperature changes. All this greatly affects the interior of the room, so bathroom flooring you must choose a practical and high quality.

Ceramic tile

Floor tiles are considered the most used bathroom flooring. Its main difference from wall tiles is that it is more durable, the work surface is embossed. Due to this, you will not slip on a wet and slippery surface.

In the store, you can see the different shapes and colors of floor tiles, but the most effective will look like a mosaic tile, which will allow you to create a whole picture infloor covering for the bathroom.

A rock

Great bathroom floor material is a natural stone. It has a good service life, is easy to maintain, is durable and water-resistant. Of course, it is desirable to initially provide a heated floor under such material so that it is comfortable to walk on it. By cons, you can add the risk of injury by slipping on a wet stone surface. To avoid the last problem, you can try to lay a textured floor covering.


Vinyl is very easy to clean and is not afraid of a wet environment. One vinyl sheet can cover the entire floor in the room at once, or assemble a mosaic of individual tiles. Any of the tiles in vinyl bathroom flooring if damaged, you can always change.


Laminate flooring is durable, durable and practical. Today, in specialized stores there are whole groups of waterproof bathroom floor materialsthat look decent and practical to use in rooms with a lot of moisture.


Choosing a carpet for bathroom flooring it must be borne in mind that it must be resistant to mold, have excellent moisture resistance and dirt-repellent properties. Its base should be made of high-quality rubber backing to prevent water from entering it. Do not forget about the aesthetic side, such a coating should always please you with its design, color and pleasant sensations when touched.

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