Options for combining bathroom and toilet

The combination of bathroom and toilet The question is ambiguous. The increase in the volume of the bathroom area is quite tempting, especially considering the initial dimensions of both rooms. For someone, this is the only option in which the washing machine will find its place in the house, someone just wants to do something unusual in the space of their apartment. What pros and cons may appear in the question combined bath and toilet, let's consider.

In favor of the union, we can say the following:
  • Combined bath and toilet give more usable space, there is free space under the washing machine and an additional cabinet.
  • More options for installing a bathroom of other sizes and modifications, such as a jacuzzi.
  • In the new space, design options are much broader and more functional.
  • Installing a unified communications system will save precious meters and bring pipes to a single type, a well thought-out scheme of access to water meters and pipes themselves, will facilitate operation and will be convenient for eliminating leaks.
  • Small savings on repairs on tiling and installing only one door.
  • For housewives: one room of medium size, much easier, faster and easier to clean than two.

  • With combining bathroom and toilet, part or all of the dividing wall is removed, permission is required for such manipulations. A waste of time and money in this case is guaranteed.
  • A divider wall, perhaps a carrier, in this case, talking about combining bathroom and toiletcan be considered closed.
  • The option of using the toilet and taking a shower, two people at the same time, is not an easy task.
  • The presence of joint odors in the same room may not be for everyone.

So let's summarize. In which case, you can and should think about combined bathroom and toilet. Most likely, this option is suitable for apartments, the number of residents, which does not exceed two, a maximum of three people. Provided that this structure does not include children. The presence of children in the house, should be considered separately, because of the natural need to do their business during and without expectations.

If one person lives in the apartment, then bathroom and toilet combination will be the most natural course of things. Combining the two rooms is even more relevant if there is a second toilet in the apartment. Perhaps, to think about the union, it is worth it in the case of too small an area of ​​the bathroom itself.

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