Red bathroom design

Intense, aggressive, energetic and invigorating - this is how psychologists determine the effect of red on a person. In traditional interior design it is quite rare to find the use of this color on a scale, usually red is used only for the introduction of accent spots. Let's look at a rarer phenomenon - red bathroom design

The most common combination is bathroom in red colors with active blotches of white. White creates a feeling of very fresh and clean space, full of solemnity, dignity and maturity, and red adds positive energy.

The second place belongs to the wine shades, when the interior is done in a rather dark color that covers all the walls and red bathroom design Filled with the mysterious magic of heat and expensive comfort.

In third place is a solution that is quite popular, but requires a fair amount of taste and courage. Red tile for the floor, most often with the use of white grout. Such bathroom in red colors - a kind of challenge, and in color expressed attitude towards victory and confidence.

Perhaps you would like to change the existing look of your space, and the design red bathroom I would invigorate you with my energy right now. To do this simply with the help of bath accessories of the desired shade. Towels, soap dish, washcloths, rug, lockers - all this can quickly change the current calm look, and your bathroom in red colors, in a completely new way will look very soon.

Photo of red bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet.

Photos of red bathrooms with mosaic tiles.

Photo of red bathroom with bath-tub, original washbasin, toilet and bidet.

Watch the video: BATHROOM MAKEOVER COMPLETE RED AND SILVER (September 2019).

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