Bathroom design in shades of green

Green color can refresh the design of your home, fill the space with positive and energy. It will be good in any room, for example, consider green bathroom design.

Green is a symbol of harmony, nature and kindness, its influence on a person is determined by psychologists as extremely positive. Bath in shades of green will help you to relax after a hard day in the evening, and in the morning will give you a mindset for decision-making and optimism.

Apply green, with all its positive properties should be wisely, bath in shades of green It will look good if some recommendations of designers are taken into account. Dark, deep shades, such as classic green, dark emerald, deep pistachio color, should be applied on one or a maximum of two walls. The quantity depends on the volume of the room.

Lighter, light green, turquoise, chartreuse, can solve green bathroom design in full. In this case, the addition of "counterweights", white furniture, curtains, of course, the bathroom itself and the sink.

The green color is so universal that you can easily apply it to the existing bathroom design, transforming it from the standard white version to the trendy bath in shades of green. With the existing wealth of choice of accessories to make it not so difficult. The easiest option is to replace all, or most bath accessories with green ones. Curtains, towels and even toothbrushes, will update your interior.

A more effective decision to create green bathroom design will be the replacement of the usual white washbasin and bath on the green counterparts. Such a bold step will be appreciated and many will want to repeat.

Photo of green bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet.

Photo of green bathroom with an interesting ceiling solution, heated towel rail and acrylic bath.

Photo of green bathroom with a creative shower in green and white tones with a wooden box and black floor tiles.

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