Elegant bathrooms in black and white.

The combination of absolutely opposite tones and the game of contrasts always look advantageous in the interior. AND bathroom in black and white is no exception. Such a room is the epitome of rigorous elegance and restrained sophistication.

To date, black and white bathroom design - one of the most successful solutions. The use of black and white in the interior determines the presence of some pros and cons, for example:

  • interior combination of white and black is always relevant;
  • a large number of popular interior styles find their design in a white and black range;
  • the polar combination of white and black tones gives ample opportunities for visual change of space.

The disadvantages of a black and white color palette depend on the amount of color used in a separate area. Black and white bath design Used mainly for large bath areas. But the small size bath is also easy to decorate in black and white.

If you take white as the background color, you will often have to clean the room, since the dirt on this color is more noticeable. But no color can so visually enlarge the space. Bathroom in black and white visually will have a higher ceiling, if you decorate it with white. It is possible to make the length of the room longer by painting the transverse walls in a white tone, and the longitudinal walls - in black. The increase in the size of the room is achieved by painting all the walls in white (but with small black inserts), the floor in the dark, and the ceiling in the light.

Black and white bathroom design - it is always a stylish and modern interior solution. Bathroom in black and white simple in decorating, but involves a careful combination of colors. The most important thing is keeping harmony by combining white and black. It is necessary to pay particular attention to the size of the room, the placement of plumbing and furniture.

Photo of black and white bathroom with a red accent in accessories.

Photo of black and white bathroom with shower and corner acrylic bath.

Photo of black and white bathroom with sink, bathtub, toilet and bidet.

Watch the video: 25 Elegant Black and White Bathroom Design (September 2019).

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